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Luna & The Conteng Totebag Giveaway Contest!

by - August 24, 2015

Luna & The Conteng Totebag Giveaway Contest!

Hi Guys! Let's join Luna & The Conteng Totebag Giveaway Contest by Wada Luna & The Conteng Totebag! The contest will end on 25 August 2015, 12 Noon. So, you better hurry!

The prizes are:

● 1 Hello Kitty Totebag with customise name on the bag ( Limited Edition ) worth RM45.00
First & Second runner-up:
● 1 Customisable Totebag  worth RM25.00.

Only 3 Lucky Winners that going to win the prizes ! Are you the lucky one?

Click here to join the contest:

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  1. goodluck, nnti emy nak join jgk :)

    btw, jgn lupa daftar second extra income dgn Amora secara free :)

  2. alolo comel :)
    ok! PG join sekali :D
    Good luck awak.
    singgah sekali $$$ kat sini :)

  3. semoga rezeki menyebelahi sayidah :)


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