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Hi everyone! Do you know me? ;) Well, if not, I would like to introduce myself. :lol: 

My name is Sayidah Napisah Binti Mar Ramli. You can call me ‘Sayidah’ or I prefer you all to call me ‘Kakcik’. Why kakcik? Because I’m the youngest in my family and they’ve called me kakcik.

I’m 20 years old but not yet 20 years old. Soon, I will be turned 20. So, since I’m 20 years old, I’m a real lady right now isn’t it? :D 

I’m taking Bachelor of Science in Major Mathematics.

I live in Jalan Sikamat, Seremban. My home is just near to the Port Dickson (PD). But, for your information, I never go to the PD. What a shame! :o 

My family is just nice. One dad, one mom, two brother, two sisters, myself and no younger sister or brother. Even though I do not have any younger sister or brother, but I’m very happy to be the youngest in the family! :P 

Talking about hobbies, I don’t have many of it. I just love to watch movies, read books or novels and surf the Internet when I’m free. 

Since young, my ambition is to be a Mathematics lecturer in the future. Become a lecturer- What a typical ambition right? :roll: But, to me, I’m so fall in love with Mathematics and I love to teach people Mathematics. Then, am I a Mathematics lover? Absolutely yes! 8-) 

‘Nasi goreng paprik ayam’ is my favourite when it comes to food! :D 

Besides, my favourite drink are milo, Nescafe and lemon ice tea. Slurrpp! Very delicious! :D 

My interest is more to surf the Internet I think. I love to Facebook-walking and blog walking. Since I love to blog walking, of course I do have my own blog. :mrgreen: When I feel like to write something, I will express it to my blog. But, my blog is just ordinary, not EXTRA-ordinary! :oops: And of course, my main language in the blog is absolutely Malay language! :lol: 

As a student of BBI2421, I hope I can be more expert in English, communicate well in English with others and be more confident when speaking English in front of people. :) 

Last but not least, my favourite quote is “only those who risk going too far can possible find out how far they can go” . There are always risk in our life but I believe that the only those who risk going too far can go far in their life. :geek: 

That’s all about me. Thank you. ;)

Whoa penatnya speaking dalam hati ni. Hahaha. Mesti korang gelak-gelak kan baca ni. Btw, ni pun terpaksa sebenarnya. Biodata saya kat atas ni kira macam assignment for my English subject. Al-maklumlah band 3 je MUET. Hihihi. That's all. Thank you. :P

Wassalam :)

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  1. wow that good, because you try to improve yourself... :)

  2. aku lagi la x reti nak speaking manglish nie :)

  3. well done! not bad dear! put more effort, you'll be master on it! May Allah ease for you ^__^

    from Arkitek Hati

  4. This is good.... For my next semester, I have English subjek too. Can I can copy it? hehe...

  5. bagus bt entry guna eng ni. ainaa pun enth apalah nasib nnti muet. ahakhak >_<


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