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9 Essential Things To Pack When You Are Traveling To India

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9 Essential Things To Pack When You Are Traveling To India 

India is a vast country with beautiful landscapes, cultures and historical places to see. The terrain is diverse, and you can experience the highest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas, the most beautiful beaches in Goa and the exotic greenery and backwaters in Kerala.

Other than natural beauty, India has one of the oldest and diverse historical structures. From forts, palaces, temples, masjids, mahals you can see monuments which shows a mix of culture in the country. So you should make a trip in India to experience this diversity. You can book your trip to India from Expedia Malaysia. They have offers and deals which make travelling quite affordable.

9 Essential Things To Pack When You Are Traveling To India
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There are some general things to take care when you are travelling to India

The sun is strong. Take proper protection

9 Essential Things To Pack When You Are Traveling To India
The sun is really strong in India
India remains warm for most part of the year and if you are traveling in summers you have to be extra careful. The sun is really strong and you have to be well prepared for it. Cover yourself well in the heat. Carry sun glasses, sunscreen, caps, scarves, anything that protects you from the direct exposure to the sun. Travel early in the mornings if you are traveling outdoors or after the sun sets. Drink a lot of water and drinks from time to time.

Wear comfortable shoes

9 Essential Things To Pack When You Are Traveling To India
There are many kinds of flip flops

You need to be comfortable in your shoes if you are traveling and visiting a lot of places. Avoid fancy shoes. A pair of flip flops is a must. It is comfortable and easy to wash. If you are visiting religious places, you might need to open your shoes and then flip flops comes to use. Sneakers are also a good choice if you have to walk a lot.

Chargers and Adapters

9 Essential Things To Pack When You Are Traveling To India
Example of chargers and adapters

In this digital age, chargers need to be carried everywhere. Whether you are charging your mobile phone or tablet or laptop, you would have the need to charge these electronic instruments from time to time. You have to take care to see that you have converters which will help you convert the voltage needed for your electronic devices.


This is something every traveller should carry anywhere. Indian food has all those spices which you might not be used to if you are travelling for the first time. The weather is also quite different. So take the medicines that you usually have when you are not well.


9 Essential Things To Pack When You Are Traveling To India
Earplugs is really help you if the place is so noisy

India is noisy. It is either the traffic honks or the popular Bollywood music playing almost at all public places. It is not easy to get accustomed to this noise the first time you visit. It is better to carry your earplugs if you are not used to sound.

Insect repellants

It is tropical country and living creatures are generally more than you would see in the western countries. Have insect repellants with you specially if you travelling with kids.

Try travelling off-season away from the crowd

India is the most populous country in the world and you would find an immense number of people anywhere you travel. If you travel during the peak seasons you might not get the best hotels to stay at reasonable prices. You can book hotels at or Expedia.

9 Essential Things To Pack When You Are Traveling To India

Wet wipes

There are many functions of wet wipe
Wet wipes are something which helps you to stay clean.You can also stay cool too by using these wipes.

India is different and there is a lot to see. You have to plan well and be prepared before you travel. I am sure you would like some things which you would not have seen anywhere in the world.

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