Minyak Kereta RON 95 vs RON 97.. Mana Satu Lebih Elok & Bagus?

by - November 01, 2018
Minyak Kereta RON 95 vs RON 97 | Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera semua~! Pernah dengar tentang 'pergaduhan' atau 'perbalahan' antara minyak kereta RON 95 & RON 97? Ada yang menang kan RON 97 lebih better, ada yang lebih suka minyak RON 95 sebab lebih murah. Save budget sikit katanya.

Tapi saya tak pernah tahu pun apa perbezaan antara dua jenis minyak kereta tersebut. Al-maklumlah tak ada kereta sendiri & TAK PERNAH drive lagi sorang-sorang selepas dapat lesen kereta. So, tak ambil tahu langsung bab bab kereta ni hahaha.

Minyak Kereta RON 95 vs RON 97.. Mana Satu Lebih Elok & Bagus?

p/s: penerangan oleh Encik Faiz ni ada guna term-term yang kita akan ternganga tak tahu (including me hahahaha) so.. kalau nak penerangan yang lebih simple & lebih faham, boleh tengok di akhirrrrr entri ini ye :)
Minyak Kereta RON 95 vs RON 97.. Mana Satu Lebih Elok & Bagus?
Minyak Kereta RON 95 vs RON 97
“Kereta baru guna RON 97 weh, lagi bagus”
”Isi minyak 95 lah, save sikit”

Apa sebenarnya RON ni? Bagus ke tak dan apa beza?

This insightful thread is going to be on: “RON = Research Octane Number”

Drive smart, Malaysians!
Minyak Kereta RON 95 vs RON 97.. Mana Satu Lebih Elok & Bagus?
Minyak Kereta RON 95 vs RON 97
First and foremost, the 4-stroke engine vehicles that we use everyday are designed to be fueled up with petrodiesel, obtained from fractional distillation of fossil fuel.

There are two types of fuel generally being used up till today. Which are petrodiesel and biodiesel.
Minyak Kereta RON 95 vs RON 97.. Mana Satu Lebih Elok & Bagus?
In this thread, i would only emphasize on PETRODIESEL. The fuel that we commonly use everyday.

Terms that we need to learn:

1) Knocking: Pre-ignition of fuel due to pressure, before spark plug flame could reach.

2) Higher RON rating, reduces knocking, complete combustion.

4-stroke mechanistic system: Intake -> Compression -> Power -> Exhaust

i. Intake: Fuel + Oxygen.

ii. Compression: This is where ‘Knocking’ occur if the fuel can't withstand high pressure. Pre-ignition if we use RON 92 for BMW.

iii. Combustion: Burns fuel.

iv. Exhaust: Liberate CO2 and H2O.

3) Engines of high compression ratios, like found in Nissan GTR requires high RON numbers 🚙⚡️

4) Engines are designed with a minimum requirement of RON. Check your service manual when you buy a new car 
Minyak Kereta RON 95 vs RON 97.. Mana Satu Lebih Elok & Bagus?
5) Using higher RON rating for a lower performance engine, the fuel takes longer time to combust. Hence the engine needs to do extra effort to burn them, causing inefficient engine performance. ⌚️

6) The norm of our society think that RON 97 produces more power, is IMPRECISE

However, high RON rate indicates that the structure of the fuel (Octane) is more branched. 
-Higher boiling point
-Better long term combustion during top speed due to complete combustion
-saves the enviroment and car engines

So, now comes the physical chemistry aspect. Haaa dekat sini hangpa boleh test pemahaman dan belajar kenapa.

✔️ RON 97 performs incomplete combustion for low performance car. (Axia, Myvi 1.3, Saga). They are not compatible. Asap hitam dan kesan hitam akan terhasil pada ekzos.
Minyak Kereta RON 95 vs RON 97.. Mana Satu Lebih Elok & Bagus?
Minyak Kereta RON 95 vs RON 97.. Mana Satu Lebih Elok & Bagus?
The only way to improve car performance, is by improving the engine compatibility, senang kata, dia punya power 1.6, 2.0, and etc. Not by fueling up RON 97.

By pumping RON 97 into a car which engine only requires a RON 92 fuel, all you’re gonna get is an emptier wallet.

Worry not about leaded petrol guys, it is internationally banned and reduced by US Clean Air Act 1970, which is to protect catalytic converters and to preserve our public health. We would not want to inhale fine particles of lead in out atmosphere, do we?

Someone did mention about gasoline. Okay:

C8H18 - C15H32 (straight chain)
More viscous liquid. Dark colour. Higher carbon content

C7H16 - C11H24 (branched chain)
Volatile. Light coloured. Lower carbon content

Both are Hydrocarbons. Just two term.

Gasoline is synthetically derived from petrodiesel. Shorting the chain, easier to combust.

Both having same molecular formula, but different structures. Basically, gasoline is a subset of petrodiesel.

Don't worry about the terms, as long as we understand the bigger concept.

In a nutshell, I repeat :

💙 RON is NOT a measurement of energy content or having faster car.

💙 Use fuel with optimum RON rate designed for your vehicles. Provided if you love them.

Thats all. Spread the awareness and lets be smarter drivers ! I hope it helps. Thanks!

OKAY.. BAHASA MUDAHNYA Encik Faiz nak beritahu yang..

Isi minyak 97 tak bermaksud kaya. Isi 95 bukannya tak bagus. Sekiranya berkemampuan, apa salahnya isi yang lebih mahal pada kenderaan yang bersesuaian.

Dua dua elok. RON 95 untuk engine yang power rendah. 97 pulak untuk engine yang power tinggi. Check manual minyak jenis apa yang sesuai sewaktu beli kereta. Itu ja sebenarnya.

If not indicated inside the manual, lets stick to the standard procedure. Any vehicle more than 2.0, advisable to fuel in RON 97.

The best is, fuel up our vehicles with brains and knowledge! It will reduce our maintenance cost and be better generations.

Moga bermanfaat.

Daa~ wassalam!

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