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Monday, January 2, 2017

Running Man Episod 332 - episod pertama selepas kekecohan Jihyo&Jongkook ditendang keluar

Saya baru je lepas habis tengok Running Man Episod 332 yang dimuat turun dari laman web Di ni korang boleh nak tonton online atau download. Saya memang selalu download kdrama & Running Man kat situ. Oh, Running Man Episod 332 ni adalah episod pertama penggambaran crew dan members Running Man (RM) selepas kekecohan dan juga isu tentang Song Ji Hyo dan Kim Jong Kook ditendang keluar dari RM. Mula-mula tu saya fikir 'eh, mesti dorang awkward antara satu sama lain sebab isu baru-baru ni', tapi amazingly dorang bersikap professional dan filming macam tak ada apa je yang berlaku. 

Running Man Episod 332

Running Man Episod 332 - episod pertama selepas kekecohan Jihyo&Jongkook ditendang keluar
Running Man Episod 332
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Tapi.. memang kelakar betul la Running Man Episod 332 ni. Asyik gelak terkekekeke je. 

Running Man Episod 332
Running Man Episod 332
Mission-mission dalam episod ini adalah antaranya:

1. New Year Fortune Telling (The Fortune Race)

Running Man Episod 332
Running Man Episod 332
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Seperti tahun lepas (tahun 2016).. Running Man juga ada membuat sesi fortune telling dan memang sangat hillarious! Kali ni pun mereka menjemput fortune teller yang sama - Park Sung Joon untuk memberitahu apakah nasib (fortune) RM members pada tahun 2017.

Fortune RM members:

Ji Seok Jin

Last year I told you to stay still. For this year, you should stay still again (hahahahaha!). It's a windy season so if you decide to do something, you should keep your head down and lay down flat. After 3 or 4 years later, you will finally get lucky. You won't get lucky until 2020. Your keyword of this year is "No Investing".

Ha Doong Hon (Haha)

Haha was born as land. He's a rich land. It's a big and rich tract of land. There's even water. It has a good environment. However, there aren't any trees to plant there. That means you want to harvest, but you don't have any crops to plant. One good thing about you is that your children are your hope. Only your children can make you feel stable. In terms of your fortune, there is no powerful, determining force (ni tentang kekuatan pasal lelaki kot kekeke). Despite all that, the more children you have, the better it is. Your keyword for the year 2017 is "Keep Your Head Down with Seok Jin".

Kim Jong Kook

Your fortune for this year is that you'll be stronger in maintaining your life - your greed for money and women. In terms of your romantic life, stop analyzing. You need to open up your heart more. This is your keyword for this year - "The Time To Make New Changes". Changes in your life could be good for you if you follow through. You're great with Ji Hyo. The score of your match with jihyo is 85 to 90 out of 100. (I'm literally menjerit kegembiraan dalam hati sebab I'm a Spartace shipper hahaha!) 

Song Ji Hyo

Based on your fortune, you were born as a thirsty tree in the summer. The summer is hot and lacks water. That's why you always seem thirsty for something. Jong Kook is your great source of water. (OHMAIIIIII! Jongkook&Jihyo perfect match! Hehehe) You're a good match as he waters a thirsty tree like you. This year is when you get your hands on money. In terms of your romantic life, you've had strange and lowly men around you (somewhat macam refer kat RM members laki hahahhaa!). As those unnecessary men get out of your life, the time for you to meet a good partner is this year. Your weakness in your romantic life is that you have high standards for men. However, even if you choose someone based on your standards, it's likely that he's strange. You may have high standards, but you have bad judgement. That's why you may find an unusual man.

Lee Kwang Soo

Kwangsoo, you're already accomplished,  but your willingness and desire to grow are excessive. You want to do better. That's why you always feel frustrated. You're lonely. You feel inadequate. You have many thoughts. You also daydream a lot, too. Your fortune regarding romance this year is that you desperately want to find a woman, but there aren't any (kekekekekeke!). 

Since you feel lonely very often, you fall in love easily. Many thoughts are on your mind. Since you aren't good at expressing yourself, the thoughts only stay in you mind. The other person wasn't even thinking about it, but you think you're in a relationship. You imagines as if you're dating someone. In other words, you're full of desire and passion, but your plans dont usually come to fruition. However, when you meet Jong Kook, the story changes. A tree should be rooted in the ground, but when you meet him, the ground gets muddy. You cant establish roots. The tree cant photosynthesize because there is no sun. If it can't root in the ground, it can only float. I suggest to distance yourself from Jongkook. The person you're good to work with is Jaeseok.

Yoo Jae Seok

Jaeseok, you're a giving person and have people's support.  You may seem friendly, but you distance yourself from others except close friends and family. That's why you don't have hobbies. There's not much going on in your life. I'd like to tell you something. This is your keyword this year - "Be Devoted to Your Wife". Your wife can also be a daughter to you. She wants to receive a lot of unconditional love. That's something you can work on.

There's one thing you should be careful about. Your fortune says that you may have a health problem this year. You lose more energy when you meet Haha (phuahhahahahaa!). You dont know why, but he'll drain your energy out. Thats the chemistry. When you meet Seok Jin, he reminds you of money. He provokes the ambition for you to be more creative in the society.

2. Find Your Soulmate (reading tarot cards)

3. Running Man's physical checkup (iridodiagnosis accurate)

4. R Ball Name Tag Elimination

Running Man Episod 332
Running Man Episod 332
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No 2&3 tu memang best sangat-sangat! Kena tengok sendiri kalau nak tahu apa yang best. 

Tapi seriously, lepas tengok no.3 tu terasa macam nak buat juga iridodiagnosis accurate tu. Doktor expert akan menilai kesihatan badan kita melalui dari iris mata kanan dan kiri kita. Dan kalau tengok doktor tu nilai iris mata RM members, memang tepat dengan situasi mereka. So, tetibe rasa teringin nak buat juga haha. Yela nak tahu juga kan kesihatan diri sendiri macam mana.

Dan paling best sekali babak terakhir sekali di mana mereka menghukum staff members - PD dan Cheol Min dengan throw water bucket. Yela dorang kan kira bersalah la sebab tendang keluar Jongkook dan Jihyo dari RM haritu.

Tapi, ayat Jihyo lasttttt sekali kepada staff RM memang saya respect la...

" Lets take the water buckets and start fresh next year (2017) " - jihyo

So ending dia macam happy ending yeayy. Macam jongkook&jihyo dah maafkan staff RM. Tapi wallahualam la kan, dalam hati siapa yang tahu hehe.

Tapi.. RM memang akan berakhir pada hujung Februari. Last episod pada 26 Februari 2017. Sobsobsob. No more Running Man dah lepas bulan Februari :(


  1. samelah dgn kita. baru je layan RM episod nii. tak pernah tak gelak bila tgk RM nii. best kan

  2. Sedihnya lepas ni dah tak da running man, mmg happy pills selama ni, huhuhu....

  3. rasanya episod 331 yg 1st episod lepas kontroversi tu..masa tu ada nmpk awkward waktu staf RM minta maaf tu

    1. tapi hujung2 ep331 tu je kan? masa tu dorang tak ada main-main (mission) lagi kan? sekadar ucap happy new year dengan staff beri epal. hehe

  4. terhibur tengok telatah mereka ni..


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