Should We Consider Under Construction Or Sub-Sale Property? - sayidahnapisahdotcom Should We Consider Under Construction Or Sub-Sale Property?

Should We Consider Under Construction Or Sub-Sale Property?

Should We Consider Under Construction Or Sub-Sale Property?

Should We Consider Under Construction Or Sub-Sale Property?
Should We Consider Under Construction Or Sub-Sale Property?
Whether it is your first time to buy a property or you are a serial property investor, you should know that the process of buying an ideal house is not easy. This does not only apply in Malaysia but everywhere on the planet. You may go through a stressful experience, whether you are purchasing it for personal living or you are doing it for investment. It requires due diligence and dedication especially if you think of the high costs of the property. It’s rather simple to obtain a rough estimation of the property pricing via online search with the correct keywords (for example, kuching house for sale), which is a location based search.

Before you decide to take a big space of buying a property, the question that you need to choose an option that suits your lifestyle and your financial health. There are two major options that you can select from; buy an under construction property or buy through sub-sale. Information of these properties can be found in PropertyGuru. Which one is the best? Why should I choose a particular method and not the other one? You should not rush into choosing one method of property investment without knowing what you are getting yourself into. You may end up buying something at an exorbitant price or buy a low-quality house that you will not like.

So, between under construction and sub-sale which one should you use? Here are some key facts that you should know about these two methods of property buying that are used in Malaysia.

Under-construction property

under construction property

The method which is also referred to as "sell and build" concept has built a solid foundation in the Malaysian real estate market. Under this concept, the developers sell the property before the actual construction of the project begins. The buyers will remain anxious as they anticipate getting the best house at the end of the construction period. It is a matter of hoping for the best. Once a project has been completed, you may be lucky to get something that is worth the money that you paid.

Under construction is a very popular among house buyers because of the many goodies that come with it. You may be lucky to enjoy some discount and other freebies that the developer has offered. It has its share of bright and dark sides.

Pros for Under Construction

1. Appreciation of value

As the days go by, the value of real estate property in Malaysia keeps going up. In fact, a house is one of the fewest assets that have the highest value of appreciation. Given that you are buying the property directly from the developer, you will be able to acquire it at a lower price. Once the construction has been completed, its price will shoot up depending on the quality of the final product and the time frame that was taken. With the high rates of inflation, the price should be expected to remain high.

2.The discounts are all yours

You will be able to enjoy fantastic discount offers if you purchase property through under construction. The developer will be willing to sell off all the units within the shortest time possible so will look at the best methods to entice new buyers. Some of the discount offers that you can enjoy include VVIP discount, National day discount, early bird discount and many others.

3. Benefits of being the first owner

With this method, you will be the very first owner of the property and everything in it. The furniture and fittings will be in perfect condition. Apart from everything being good shape, you will have a peace of mind knowing that you are not cleaning after the mess of the previous occupants.

5. You will enjoy the warranty

The property that you are buying through under construction method comes with a warranty. This will give you protection for any liability of defect that will happen within the time that the warranty offers. 

Cons of under construction

1. Puts you in a financial lockdown

By buying through under construction, you will have to wait for some years till the project is completed. The worst thing is that during this time, your bank will be restricting your credit card and so as to service the loan. You won't be able to make any other significant financial move.

2. Not sure of the final product

You may be in the darkness about how the final product will look like. You don't know whether it will have the features that the developer proposed. You may also not be sure if other amenities such as roads, malls and schools will be developed in the area.

3. Tests your patience

Your virtues of patience and tolerance will be put to the test. First, you will be forced to wait for something that you are not sure about its final outlook. Even though the project comes with a warranty, the developer can take too long to respond to you in a case of defect.

Sub-Sale Properties

sub sale properties

A sub-sale property is purchased in the open market. You buy it from the previous owner of the house. It seems to be an easier and quicker way of acquiring a new property since most of the time you will be dealing with an individual. This does not mean that you handle all the process casually; you will still have to be extra-careful about the deal. First, you need to verify that the person selling is the real owner of the property. This can be done by searching for the property information at the office that is responsible for lands. Check if the property has any pending legal case and other controversies. Compare the pros and cons of sub-sale properties, and from there you will decide on what to do.


1. Your eyes won't lie

Apart from having an instant feel of the property that you are planning to buy, you will be able to get what you see. This is unlike under property where you only have to imagine about the property. You will be able to assess the finishing, the available amenities, and the neighborhood. Making a decision on whether to buy it or not would be much easier.

2. Move in faster

You won't have to wait for years before you can finally move into your dream house. Once the paperwork is done, there will be no more time to waste.

3. Saved from Hassles of construction

Constructing a property is one of the most daunting tasks that you can do during your lifetime. Apart from failing to meet the set deadlines, you may also have to deal with the fluctuating prices of construction materials. You can also run out of money and abandon the project in the midway. Buying a sub-sale property will save you from all these stress.

4. Quick cash flow

In case you are purchasing the property for investment, you may start enjoying its benefits one month after the purchase. This can be possible if you rent it out and the tenants start remitting rent.


1. Hard to get the best property

With sub-sale, you have a broad range of properties that are thrown at you. The process of searching for the ideal one is not easy. You will have to go through one property unit after another comparing their features and prices. Sometimes you may have to deal with many people before you settle on the property.

2. You can end up with a low-quality property.

You may be enticed to buy a complete house at an incredibly low price only to discover later on that it does not meet the standards that you expected. Sometimes sellers may be in a rush to dispose of their property.


Buying a property involves big sums of money, and you wouldn't want to mess with the process. Regardless of the method that you choose, ensure that you have the right information that you will use during the process. In case you don't trust your instincts or you are not an expert in the matters of property, hire a good lawyer or a real estate agent to help you.

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