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Motivational Words from Mufti Ismail Menk ~

31 Motivational Words from Mufti Ismail Menk ~

Motivational Words from Mufti Ismail Menk ~
Motivational Words from Mufti Ismail Menk ~
Get rid of arrogance from your heart. Don’t ever feel the need to look down on someone; not for anything that the Almighty has given you - your wealth, power, good looks etc. Remember His Might and Power and how He can take away your blessings in seconds!

Let people say what they want about you because sooner or later your actions will speak for themselves. So, there is no need to overreact when someone puts you down. You can make sure that you don't let them upset you by simply sticking to what you do best.

There's too much jealousy going around. So do what you must without having to shout out to the world. Work in silence. There’s no need to tell the world your next move. The truth is the Almighty is the only One who deserves to know everything.

The sad truth is some people can hate you for no apparent reason. They can dislike you without a cause. These are tests that the Almighty wants us to go through. Remember, people don’t control your destiny. He does!

Don't say you have nothing to give someone in need. The greatest gifts have nothing to do with material things. The love you give, the hope you inspire, the time and helping hand you extend, the smile on your face .. these are worth so much more.

There's no need to be discouraged by trouble and difficulty. Remember, it will not defeat you unless you allow it to. In fact, hardship and trials toughen you and prepare you for life’s challenges.

Each time you’re tempted to give up, think of how far you’ve come. Everything you’ve been through; the times you thought you couldn’t make it but did; the mornings you couldn’t get out of bed but pushed yourself anyway. Always seek your strength from the Almighty. You’ll be ok!

Where you are today isn’t where you will stay. Nothing lasts. The Almighty has promised us. Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise with each new day. Keep hope alive in your heart. He's right with you!

The Almighty knows you’re trying. He will keep testing you to see if you’re sincere; if you’re striving your utmost and bearing patience. Honestly, that’s all that matters. That He knows you tried your best!

The Almighty doesn’t waste anything. Everything we go through is part of our life’s journey. The tests, the trials, the difficulties, the delays, the unfair situations; they all serve their purpose eventually. Trust in His Plans.

Don't belittle the gifts the Almighty has bestowed on you by comparing your life to others. Looking at other people’s accounts on social media, their wealth, their holidays, their lifestyle can create discontentment, even envy in you. Don’t go that route. Be grateful!

Never think that all the prayers you’ve been making are wasted. Nothing ever goes to waste with the Almighty. He’s got everything under control. The dreams you’ve been wanting so badly will come when He decides you’re ready for it!

When you’ve wronged someone, don’t try to turn the tables and make yourself the wronged party. You may think you’re getting away with it but the Almighty knows. In fact, you should be afraid because when it all comes back  to you, the truth will out. He knows best!

It's common to blame others when things are not going your way. Looking for a scapegoat is easy. Blaming keeps people from having to look at what they did to get into the mess. But it takes a real man to admit fault and show remorse. Only then are you able to grow!

The truth is each night we go to bed not knowing whether we’ll be alive the next day. Yet, we carry on making plans and doing things as we normally do. It’s the hope in our hearts that keeps us going! Always thank the Almighty for another day to right the wrongs of yesterday.

It's common for us to become frustrated with a given trial or  situation and we complain and vent about it to everyone. But take a step back and think. The truth is we never know what goodness the Almighty has in store for us from the trial.

Imagine if the Almighty bestowed your blessings all at once! It would be a waste. You wouldn’t be able to enjoy it to the fullest. There’s wisdom in waiting; in bearing patience. So keep your faith and wait for the right time.

At some stage in your life, you’ve felt that life’s unfair. When you feel that way, you have to remind yourself that the Almighty is always in control, no matter what’s going on. Refuse to worry.  Thank Him, knowing that He will always fight your battles.

The Almighty will never stop loving you, will never give up on you, will always have your back, will keep reminding you to turn back to Him, will pick you up each time you fall. So when the Most Merciful is there for you, who can be against you?

Don’t waste your valuable time with people who have nothing but negativity in them. They criticise everything and everyone in the most damaging of ways. Choose to stay away from such toxic people at all costs. Do it for your well-being.

Life is never smooth sailing. We all get knocked down at some stage. The biggest test is how quickly we get back up. We must never stay down for long. Seek the Almighty’s help and you’ll stand up again and start moving forward.

The truth is most people are afraid of being judged, of being not good enough, of not being liked. So they protect themselves by acting tough or being sarcastic, or making jokes or just being fake. Work hard to be your honest self and you’ll attract the right people.

You're depressed and everything may look bleak now. You’re wondering if things will ever get better. Yes they will. The Almighty has promised us that after hardship, there’ll be ease. Don’t despair. There is hope yet!

Don't keep replaying the bad that’s happened over and over again in your mind. Don’t over think. Let it all go. We’re humans and we’re prone to making mistakes. Repent. Seek sincere forgiveness and move on. That’s what the Almighty wants from us.

It's human nature to take things for granted. Don’t put things off till tomorrow. Be disciplined enough to do it today. Things might be different tomorrow. The ones you love may no longer be there. Nothing is guaranteed. That’s a reality. What if tomorrow never comes?

The past is over and done with. You can’t rewrite it but you can certainly reset your future. Make a conscious effort to let go of yesterday and move forward with quiet confidence to the goodness that the Almighty has planned.

Don’t be fooled by Satan. He will make you think something is a failure and nothing good will come out of it.  Remember, the Lord of the Worlds has a way of making miracles out of mistakes. He will make you emerge from it even stronger than before.

Our journey is paved with sadness & periods of happiness as well. No matter what the Almighty places in our path, keep putting one foot in front of the other, even when it hurts. Remember, no one knows what lies ahead but the One who made us. It will always be what’s good for us.

As much as you must remember to thank the Almighty for everything He’s bestowed on you, don’t forget to thank Him for what didn’t happen as well. Thank Him for the doors He has closed and the problems He has stopped that you knew nothing about.

Thank the Almighty, no matter what the circumstances. It’s not just to do with wealth & good things. Thank Him for guiding you & keeping you steadfast. Thank Him for increase in knowledge, for the lessons you’ve learnt form hardship. Do this each day and He will give you more.

Know that you will never understand everything that’s going on in your life. Why things happen the way they do. If you try to figure it all out, you’ll end up getting frustrated. Leave it to the All-Knowing Almighty. Trust Him!

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  3. Siqah suka quotes from Mufti Ismail Menk. Ada follow beliau di Twitter :)

    "Each time you’re tempted to give up, think of how far you’ve come. Everything you’ve been through; the times you thought you couldn’t make it but did; the mornings you couldn’t get out of bed but pushed yourself anyway. Always seek your strength from the Almighty. You’ll be ok!"

    -- Quote that related to me now. Thank you for sharing here :)



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