"The end of March, hope Ell marches till the end" [PART 2] - sayidahnapisahdotcom "The end of March, hope Ell marches till the end" [PART 2]

"The end of March, hope Ell marches till the end" [PART 2]

"The end of March, hope Ell marches till the end."

"The end of March, hope Ell marches till the end." [PART 2]

Ell wants to change his attitude. So that he goes to right amplitude. He goes back to deep ocean, just want to be with other crustacean. Later he meets an angelfish, makes he doubts about his wish.

Eaa : Hi crabby,,, do you need company?
Ell : I'm fine solo, no need to follow.
Eaa : Actually I don't need your permission,,, I always follow my obsession...
Ell : Don't you care about other?
Eaa : Does it really matter?
Ell : Hurmm. It does to me.
Eaa : I don't think it shall be...
Ell : May I know the reason?
Eaa : Simple,,, It feels like in prison...
Ell : Why you say like that? Is there anything to add?
Eaa : 1st,,, you can't be yourself... 2nd,,, you have to obey like slave of elf... Last,,, you stuck like a useless shelf...
Ell : Really? But not to me.

Ell doesn't want to argue, He just neglects and continue. A few moments later, he arrives at his shelter. He can't find anyone, except unwanted someone. The unwanted is a stingray, that goes a bit astray.

Ell : Where? Where? Where is my brothers?
Wai : Do you mean crabs that walk togetherrr?
Ell : Yes it is.
Wai : I'm afraid you won't be pleaseddd.
Ell : Please I'm begging you. Tell me everything that's true.
Wai : I can't bear to tell, even you have to yelll.
Ell : Please. I really curious what it is.
Wai : Sometime a sad story better keep secretttt. So that no one will feel regretttt.
Ell : It is a matter between life n death. Please don't short my breath.
Wai : ok thennn. The story was all the crabs were already trappedddd. Trap and pull up one cage, even me can't follow to catchhhh. But one crab keeps yelling someone's name, "Ell!! Ell!!!!! Does you still feel ashame?".
Ell : That's me. (Crying...)

Ell regrets of his action, until he lost his destination. Please don't wait for pain to appreciate your gain.

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--written by kOrOrO

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  1. Assalamualaikum Dan selamat menyambut nisfu syaaban hari ini. Lagi 14 hari nak masuk ramadhan.

    Semoga sis sayidah mendapat keberkatan ramadhan


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