poem #8 love, actually. - sayidahnapisahdotcom poem #8 love, actually.

poem #8 love, actually.

Saya suka puisi a.k.a poem; tak kira la short or long poem. So, let me (and we) being immersed in this poem (p/s: of course not made by mine) ..

poem #8

poem #8 love, actually.
poem #8
Love, actually.

You can't force anyone and everyone;
to like you, love you, adore you,
respect you, treasure you, appreciate you,
want you, need you or grow old with you.

You can't please everyone.

But you can pray to Allah S.W.T,
for He is the turner of hearts;
Pray to the one who created us,
our hearts and our feelings.

And MAYBE, if He thinks it is the best for us;
He will let the right people;
feel the right way about us,
in the right place, at the right time.

by: @sweetaugust

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  1. susah nak jaga perasaan orang sebab sifatnya berbolak-balik, seeloknya berdoa la pada dia yang menjaga hati setiap manusia :)


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