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100 Kata Hikmah, Kata Semangat, Motivasi Mufti Menk + Ebit Lew + Teme Abdullah

100 Kata Hikmah, Kata Semangat, Motivasi Mufti Menk + Ustaz Ebit Lew + Penulis Teme Abdullah | Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera semua~! How's your day so far? Going good? Or feeling down because of something? Yes I do. Yesterday.

I felt like soo so miserable inside. I felt sad, angry, hurt and dissappointed. Mix of horrible emotions just killing me slowly. Thats why i go through one by one tweet from these three  famous and powerful figures. And buat koleksi di bawah ini.

Their words and sharing always comfort and heal me. Their kata kata hikmah, kata semangat dan motivasi always boost my mood back whenever i feel hopeless and useless in this world.

Mufti Menk 's soft and kind words.. I just love it. Always look up on his tweets to feel better.

Ustaz Ebit Lew 's advices.. Walaupun ringkas dan singkat tetapi rasa dekat di hati.

Teme Abdullah 's tweets always hit my heart on the spot; on the right timing. Macam tahu tahu je.

So here we go ~ Cheer up!

Himpunan Kata Hikmah, Kata Semangat, Motivasi Mufti Menk + Ebit Lew + Teme Abdullah

kata hikmah kata semangat motivasi
kata hikmah kata semangat motivasi
1. The best way to improve your life is to do it one day at a time. It’s very tempting to cram many things all at once but don’t! You’re more likely to succeed with baby steps & a huge dose of prayer & supplication. Without the Almighty, nothing happens. So make that change today!

2. When you reach a stage where you can remain calm when calamity strikes, you’ve reached spiritual maturity. When you're not negatively affected by the drama around you, it shows you have complete faith in the Almighty and you know that nothing lasts!

3. A sin is a sin. Even when you try to put a positive spin on a sin, it’s still a sin. As long as you’re disobeying the Almighty, it’s a sin. But the beauty is with sincere repentance all that can be erased or even converted to good deeds if the Almighty wills.  Turn back to Him!

4. Sometimes your trials and tribulations last longer than expected. Don’t lose heart. Ask the Almighty for strength and perseverance to keep going. Giving up is never an option. We need a strong finish. Never forget that! Bear patience. A breakthrough is on the way!

5. Almighty. As we continue to face these uncertain times, keep us firmly rooted to our faith. Guide us to be mindful of what we allow to take root in our consciousness. Keep us positive, away from toxic thoughts & people, knowing that You’re in complete control of all situations.

6. Gratitude is key. If you have a home, thank the Almighty. If you have a family, thank the Almighty. If you have both, it’s indeed a huge blessing. Think of the millions who have been displaced & have nothing to call their own. Let’s cut out ingratitude from our lives!

7. When others take a step back and give up on doing what’s good, don’t let that be a negative pull for you to follow suit. That  shouldn’t be a catalyst for you to rethink your situation to give up as well. Instead, focus on your goal and try to strengthen it. You’ll get there!

8. When the Almighty has blessed you with something, accept the blessing; be grateful. The One who gave you everything can take it away in an instant. In the blink of an eye, it could be gone! Remember, there’s nothing special about you except your deeds & the state of your heart.

9. Be kind to yourself. You’ve come this far and with the Almighty’s help you’ll get through these challenging and confusing times. Don’t give in to overthinking, focus on the tasks ahead. Guide your mind to that which is positive and beneficial. Trust that tomorrow will be better!

10. Drop expectations. You’ll be happier with fewer disappointments. Learn to expect nothing. If you think people will stop whatever they’re doing to attend to you, you’re wrong. Don’t wait with bated breath. Instead, turn to the Almighty! He won’t disappoint!

11. Satan does not want you to repent at all. But if he cannot do that, his next best plan is to delay your repentance. He tries to tell you that it will be easier later on so sin all you want now! That’s a lie. The longer things go on, the harder it becomes to repent. Do it today!

12. Let go of disappointments. Let go of things that didn’t work out. Let go of negative thoughts that drag you down. Let go of “nothing good ever happens in my life” feeling. Choose to focus on the good & positive each day. The Almighty will turn everything to your advantage!

13. The winners are those who are happy with the way the Almighty has made them. You don't have to follow what others are doing to be considered good looking or acceptable. You ARE good looking. You ARE original. You are YOU! So just be YOU! Not someone else!

14. When you regret your sins, feel sad for having committed them and feel pain when you remember them, these are signs of faith and sincere repentance. However, after repenting, Satan will cause you to doubt the Almighty’s Mercy. Don’t despair. Don’t fall for his trick! Move on!

15. Patience is key! No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, be patient. Your neighbour  may be blessed with what he’s been praying for but you must remain patient. Perhaps the Almighty wants you to call out to Him just a little more. He will reward the doers of good!

16. Never take your blessings for granted. The Almighty will see to that. So always be grateful, no matter how small the blessing. He never sends a calamity except that ease follows thereafter. Keep connecting with Him; you’ll see how much ease and inner peace you get in your life.

17. Don’t let your grief consume you to such an extent that you forget who’s in control. Try to step away from your broken state, even if just for a moment. You’ll see things clearer; realise that you own nothing at all. Everything’s on loan from the Almighty. This world’s temporary!

18. Be wary of the internet. Don't let it turn you into a cynical person. It can crush your optimism and give you a low self-esteem. Whatever you do, don’t let it define your worth. Rise above it and resist the temptation to compare what’s going on with someone else’s life!

19. Such is life. One minute you’re up, the next you’re down. Today you’re counting your loss, tomorrow the Almighty will reward you with huge gains. Never despair whatever happens in life. He will remove people & things from us but He will also replace them with what we truly need!

20. Your struggle is an act of worship. The Almighty loves the humble who is not arrogant, who is broken and surrenders himself completely to His Lord. So there’s wisdom in your trials and tribulations. Don’t scoff at them. Learn from them and use them to draw yourself closer to Him.

21. Always stay humble. No matter how successful you are, don’t let your ego take over the controls driving you towards social status instead of progress. Always keep learning & improving; aware that there’s so much more to know. After all, everybody knows something that you don’t!

22. Keep going even when you find it difficult to worship. Keep going when you find your tongue is unable to utter much. Keep going when you feel it’s a bad day & you want to give up. Keep going when you feel your patience running out. Keep going because He knows your struggle!

23. Satan has ONE goal. To take you to Hellfire. If you love this world, his job is easier. If you're close to the Almighty, he'll tempt you! If you're struggling to get back on track, he will do his utmost. Seek the Almighty’s help. He will guide you. Don’t let people mock you.

24. Most great changes are preceded by chaos. So if you feel like your life is a mess right now, take heart. Keep believing it will fall into place soon. Keep going knowing that the Best of Planners will unfold the course you should be taking. You’ll be pleased you didn’t give up!

25. Our greatest disappointment comes when our expectations of who we want people to be don’t match the reality of who they really are. It’s easy to say don’t have expectations, but as humans we do. So be realistic in your expectations. Learn to depend on the Almighty alone!

26. Always remember that the Almighty is able to bring you through the unknown, the unseen, and the unexpected. These are situations which our normal minds cannot fathom. But leave it to Him. It’s part of His Plan. All you have to do is to trust Him without an iota of doubt!

27. Remember, you don’t need people’s endorsement to be happy. If they have issues with you, it’s not about you, it’s about their insecurities. Just be sure you haven’t hurt anyone. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Let it go & seek your approval only from the Almighty.

28. It happens to us all. The guilt of not using our time better. But the Almighty is most Merciful. He sends us reminder after reminder. He’s the most patient. He never gives up on us. So why do we give up on ourselves? Don’t! Persevere just a little more to get back on track!

29. When you see others doing well & having a seemingly good life, it’s easy to get discouraged & think that your life isn’t going to change. Everyone has struggles in life, Everyone has disappointments, but if you think good thoughts of the Almighty, He will bless you immensely.

30. Keep knocking on His Door. Keep asking not just for the ordinary but the extraordinary. For anything & everything. Even for whatever your mind tells you is impossible. He’s the Lord  of the Worlds. He’s the Owner of Miracles. If He says, BE; It shall be!

31. If you want to change, start by setting small goals from now. Change doesn't usually happen overnight. You may not be able to do everything the Almighty has prescribed instantly. Strive & show Him you’re sincere, He will pave a way for you!

32. As long as you’ve been trying your best, the Almighty knows & will reward you. You may be on a spiritual high or you may be spiritually broken, whichever the case, don’t stop asking Him. Don’t stop repenting.

33. Don’t ignore the little warnings you get from your spiritual heart. Make it a priority to deal with emotions like anger, bitterness, resentment & bad attitudes. Don’t let such feelings fester. Seek the Almighty’s help to restore peace and calmness so you can feel whole again!

34. To worry means we do not trust the Almighty. The key to overcoming our discontentment and lack of faith is to get to know Him better & get closer to Him. Has He not provided for you even when you never asked? Think about it. That should grow your confidence and trust in Him!

35. Don’t wait for things to fall into place before you start worshipping the Almighty. Do it now & He will make things right for you. He promises peace during chaos. Joy when things seem uncertain. Hope when circumstances seem hopeless. Call on Him. He’s your Provider & Sustainer!

36. If you’re among those who’ve lost your job in this pandemic, don’t despair. It can be heart-wrenching experience but remember the Almighty knows what we don’t. Perhaps He’s redirecting your life towards something better. Bear patience. You’ll be grateful for the next phase!

37. Whatever you ask for, if it’s meant for you, you’ll get. No matter how long the wait. The Almighty will see to it. So always ask with conviction & a pure heart. Leave the timing to Him. Don’t rush Him. Don’t give Him ultimatums. Our job is to live a life that’s pleasing to Him.

kata hikmah kata semangat motivasi
kata hikmah kata semangat motivasi
38. Jagalah solat awal waktu. Pertolongan Allah bersama orang yang menjaga solat.

39. Jangan sedih, kita ada Allah.

40. Semua ujian dekat dunia ni, ada satu saja jawapan dia. Sebab Allah sayang kita.

41. Ujian datang supaya kita semakin hampir pada Allah. Dia beri sebab Dia sayang.

42. Nak rezeki mencurah, amalkan 2 tips ni. Hubungkan silaturrahim. Sedekah.

43. Kita tak hidup untuk penghormatan orang, pujian orang. Kita hidup untuk Allah sayang.

44. Biarlah orang tak memuji atau mempedulikan usaha kita. Cukuplah kita buat itu sebab nak Allah sayangkan kita.

45. Barangsiapa memulakan sesuatu kebaikan dan diikuti orang ramai mereka akan mendapat pahala sampai kiamat selagi orang mengikutinya.

46. Saudaraku, disebalik ujian ada rahmat.

47. Jika tak penat. Tak susah. Tak sedih. Bukanlah itu namanya perjuangan.

48. Kita hidup untuk Allah sayang.

49. Seorang pendosa yang bertaubat kadang-kadang doanya lebih makbul dari wali-wali Allah.

50. Jangan risau apa pandangan orang, risau apa pandangan Allah pada kita.

51. Bila kita maafkan orang, bukan hidup orang jadi baik. Tapi hidup kita jadi baik.

52. Setiap kali kita dihina dan diuji, maka ucapkanlah "Laa ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzolimin."

- "Ya Allah tiada Allah selain-Mu. Maha Suci Engkau, aku termasuk orang menzalimi diriku sendiri."

Selepas itu berdoalah..
kata hikmah kata semangat motivasi
kata hikmah kata semangat motivasi
53. Jangan kerana sedikit kesusahan yang kita lalui sekarang, kita lupakan ribuan nikmat yang Allah berikan setiap saat kepada kita.

54. Solat bukan untuk susahkan kita, ia hadiah dari Allah.

55. Macam mana kita nak bahagia, kalau dahi kita tak sujud pada Tuhan Pemberi bahagia dan Pencipta segalanya.

56. Apa yang Allah beri dalam hidup ni adalah apa yang terbaik untuk kita.

57. Jangan mengeluh dengan apa yang belum kita dapat, tapi syukur dengan apa yang Allah beri pada kita.

58. Kita asyik fikir apa yang kita nak, sampai kita lupa apa yang Allah nak.

59. Kita cuba tutup kesedihan dengan hiburan. Tetapi, akhirnya tiada apa yang kita dapat. Kerana ubat kesedihan adalah sujud dan mengadu kepada Allah.

60. Ya Allah maafkan kami kerana sentiasa melanggar perintah-Mu sedang Engkau sentiasa berikan nikmat kepada kami.

61. Ketika seseorang bertaubat dan membetulkan silapnya, dia sedang disayangi Allah.

62. Setiap yang berlaku dalam hidup ni, tiada yang tersilap. Yang silap bagaimana kita melihat dan memahaminya.

63. Bila kita bawa orang yang jauh dari Allah kembali kepada Allah, itulah cinta yang sebenar

64. Biarlah orang tak puji atau tak pedulikan (usaha) kita. Cukuplah kita buat itu sebab nak Allah sayang kita.

65. Walau dosa bagai bagi buih dalam laut. Allah sudi terima taubat kita. Allah sayang kita.

66. Jangan risau kalau kita buat baik orang tak nampak, yang penting Allah nampak

67. Siapa tahu rupanya Allah simpan kegembiraan disebalik semua kesusahan yang kita lalui.

68. Setiap dari kita pasti buat silap tapi yang terbaik yang minta ampun pada Allah.

kata hikmah kata semangat motivasi
kata hikmah kata semangat motivasi
"I love to think and plan everything carefully.

But sometimes the best thing you can do is to just follow the flow.
Force nothing, don’t overthink, don’t imagine, don’t expect, don’t wonder.

Just breathe and have faith that however it goes, it’s the best for you."

"Yang terbaik itu bukanlah yang datang setelah terlihatkan segala kecantikan seorang manusia.

Tetapi yang terbaik ialah yang tidak pergi apabila tertayang segala keburukan, kekurangan, dan khilaf seorang manusia."

71."Musuh yang jujur adalah jauh lebih bagus daripada sahabat yang berdusta dan berpura-pura"

"Sometimes you just need a moment to look back.

Remember everything you have faced, the battles you have won, the fear you’ve overcome, the hardships you’ve survived… And look at how far you’ve come.

Then you’ll start to believe in yourself again."

73. "Sia-sialah jika seorang pemuda itu membiarkan dirinya merana kerana cinta, sedangkan pemuda itu boleh menggegar dunia"

"Kalau popular yang kau kejar, dan kau berusaha ke arah itu, maka Allah akan bagi kemasyhuran kepada kau jika Dia berkehendak.

Tetapi rugilah kalau hanya kejar popular di dunia yang sementara ini. Kau hanya kejar debu, kau menempah risiko penyakit hati."

"You ARE important.
And you exist for a reason.

Even when you’re literally doing nothing, you’re contributing carbon dioxide to the plants.

Stop feeling useless. Just live and be happy.
You don’t need to impress anyone."

"It’s never too late to achieve what you really wanted to achieve in life.

If you have a heartbeat, there’s still time for your dreams.
As long as you are breathing, it’s never too late to start a new beginning.

Go for it."

"You can’t expect somebody to just “get it”.

If you really want them to react, you must put more effort.

Limit your expectations on people.
Because most of the times, expectations break your heart."

"You can’t control everything.
You can’t help everyone.
You can’t make everyone happy.

Sometimes you just need to calm down and have faith that things will work out naturally.

Let go and let life happen.
God’s plan is always the best."

"Look at the bright side.
Make use of the situation.

Don’t waste your time being bored.
Do something. Learn new skills.

Every skill you acquire increases your odds of success!"

"Don’t ever feel that you’re not good enough for someone. Your value wouldn’t depreciate based on someone’s inability to see your worth.

If they don’t appreciate you, stop trying to please them.
Some people just don’t deserve to have you in their life."

81. "Mengejar yang positif, bukan berlari dari negatif. Dengan cara itu, yang negatif akan dijauhkan dengan sendirinya."

"Siapalah kita untuk menghakimi kotor jernihnya seseorang. Kita semua ada dosa yang Allah sembunyikan daripada pengetahuan umum.

Bersederhanalah dan kenanglah dosa kita sendiri." 

"Money can buy you a house, but not a home.
Money can buy you fancy clothes, but not a good heart.

Money may change the external, but the only thing that’s in control of your inner self is you.

If you’re a jerk, money will only make you an even bigger jerk."

"They don’t care,
They don’t appreciate,
They don’t take you seriously.

Maybe they just want the benefits of staying connected to you. So they do the minimal.

Set your boundaries. Put a limit to being "too nice".
Don't let people take advantage of you."

"You first need to believe in your artwork.
Love it. Give it your all.
Because no one else would appreciate it as much as you do.

If you really put your heart into it, the energy will spread out & touch another heart.
Hearts have their own language that only hearts can understand"

"It is painful.
But I strongly believe, no pain is ever wasted.
You can always learn from it and become a better fighter.

You’ll grow stronger & wiser from disappointments.

Chin up."

"It’s unrealistic to be happy all the time.
But you can choose to focus more on the positives than the negatives.
Find the goods in everything & everybody.

You don’t need everything to be perfect to be happy.
Look beyond imperfections.
You’ll find peace & joy in life."

"Result is important.
But it does not define you nor predict your future.
It’s not the end of the world.

You’ve done the best you could.
Now, put your trust in Allah.
He has better plans for you in the future."

"For this one time, forget what you feel, and remember what you deserve.

When you feel like you have to prove your self-worth to someone,
That’s a clear sign to just walk away."

"Do not waste your life by paying attention to the wrong people.
They don’t contribute anything to you.

So stop giving them so much control of your time, mind, and emotion."

"It’s hard to let go of anything that makes you sad.
Maybe because it had once made you happy.

You know that it’s no longer there,
But your heart needs time to accept what your mind already knows.

It's okay.
Take your time. But not too long.
And let them go."

"We are all worried about our future.
Just learn how to control it, & make full use of the present.

Because no matter how bad we think the future might be,
It will always work out just fine in the end.
What is written for us is written by the Greatest Writer.

Have faith in Him."

"Janganlah give up.
Ada masa lagi kan."

"We’re stressed because we compare our lives with others.
We want to be successful like someone else. And that’s impossible.

Be yourself. You’re the gift to the world. And shine.
Be so bright until you shine on everyone in the room when you enter."

""Aku tak galakkan pemuda kahwin muda. Tapi aku galakkan mereka berkahwin awal. Awal tidak bermaksud muda.

Kerana kematangan dan kesediaan kita berbeza. Kita tak boleh samakan semua orang. Itu tak adil"

"Bitterness & love can’t coexist in the same heart. Choose to fill your heart with compassion, love, & positivity.

Bitterness serves you no good & closes the doors to many wonderful opportunities. And it reflects your heart."

"Sometimes it's just tough to stay positive.
There’s a lot of evil in this world.
Hypocrisy. Betrayal. Deception.
Even from the ones you trust the most.

It may seem cruel to cut them off.
But that's better than letting them contaminate you."

"Kalau kau putus asa dalam berusaha, sampai bila-bila kau takkan mahir.

When you're about to give up to learn or master something, remember, everything that is now easy for you was once super tough in the beginning."

"Beginilah hakikat mereka yang sering merasakan diri mereka itu baik. Kononnya, mereka berhak mendapatkan yang baik - baik juga. Mereka mentafsirkan kalimah 'baik' itu dengan pandangan mata mereka sendiri.

Sedangkan baik di sisi Allah itu lebih luas."

"It's normal to feel bad for your mistakes. Losing sleeps, tearing yourself apart, crying, & can't even stop thinking about it.

But one day, you'll realise that you’ve never made mistake in your life.

You may not understand it yet,
But trust me, everything is in perfect order."
kata hikmah kata semangat motivasi
kata hikmah kata semangat motivasi
Moga bermanfaat!

Hope it will comfort and heal you like they did on me. Just remember everything's will gonna be alright okay? Always back to Him :')

Till next time, daa~ wassalam! :)

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