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Friday, December 15, 2017

poem #2 three kinds of heartbreak

Saya suka puisi a.k.a poem; tak kira la short or long poem. So, let me (or we) being immersed in this poem (of course not made by mine ehe) ..

poem #2 three kinds of heartbreak

poem #2 three kinds of heartbreak
poem #2
there are 3 kinds of heartbreak

The first is when
someone is reckless with
your heart
and it breaks and it shatters
in ways
you never thought it could

The second is when
you break
someone's heart
because you'll never
know pain
like the type that has you
look into their eyes
but they look away

And the worst kind of heartbreak
is the kind that comes along
when you have to watch
the person you love
be happy
with someone else

--by c.p

p/s: nyte! :)

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  1. beautiful poem. Dan hanya yang tertentu sahaja yg akan paham keindahan bahasanya. Really not me. Suka dengar je ^^


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