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"Marching in March" [PART 1]

"Marching in March."

Marching in March [PART 1]

In very deep ocean, live numerous of crustacean. Every of the species live freely, only crabs keep doing the same thing repetitively. The crabs will grab all the craps and try their best to build a place to rest.... till one day, out of nowhere, a crab go away, tired of being there.

Ell (the name of that crab) : I'M DONE!! I'm done doing things that I got nothing except 'Well done'.
Aii (another crab) : but this is what we must do.. since our ancestors started.. you cant just easily undo.. please don't say you're already tired..
Ell : Yes I AM!!! I'm very tired of doing things that I don't like. My pincers were born to spike. not to grab all the hideous craps. then become scavenger crabs.
Aii : So after all we've been together.. you want to label us as scavenger? OK then go chase your dream brother.. hope you can face yourself any danger.. Bye the only non scavenger crab!!!

Ell just turn away, he loss the place his stay, continue his journey, pursuing his sweet dream as sweet as honey... As the journey continues, just about midway to the venue, he saw a swarm of jellyfish, one of them ask Ell's wish..

Eff (the jellyfish) : Woo Woo why this crab alone~? Don't you scare to suddenly gone~?
Ell : (keep walking to complete his journey, ignore even it gives money)
Eff : Woo Woo I thought I'm the only one has last name, fish~~ crab also has it, what they called~~ hurmmm~~ ha Selfish~!
Ell : What do want? I don't disturb anyone.
Eff : Cool I'm just asking, where are you going~?
Ell : To the beach, now go away b*tch!!'

Ell keep continues but Eff still pursues..

Eff : Woo Woo language, doesn't coherent with your age~~ As far as I know crabs always march together, why you're alone without any brother?
Ell : I'm tired of doing the same hateful thing, it stress me out till I feel nothing.
Eff : So so you rather loss your brothers just to be something~? Don't you think your brothers doesn't provide you anything~?
Ell : Yeah I know but why I need to continue doing the things that I hate the most? makes my potential to be the worst.
Eff : But you need your brothers to make you stronger~~ look at me, without this swarm of jellyfish, I'm weaker~~
Ell : You will never understand, you just be there and stand. While I'm doing very dirty work, and just can't say a word.

With mad emotion, Ell continues his motion. Eff go back to his swarm, afraid to be left single arm. Ell makes up his mind, Although it's not kind, He want to see sunshine, makes his potential shine! When he almost there, he hears something somewhere.

Eii : Hellllllppppppp!!!!
Ell : Where are you? is it a lie or true?
Eii : Plllleeease help me, I'm an eel beneath the stone, please set me free, so that I can do my atone.
Ell : Found it! please wait. I will remove the stone, with my pincer and muscle tone.

The stone removed, Eii start his move.

Eii : Thhhhhaaaaank you young crab, do you want anything to grab?
Ell : No thanks. I'm good as full tank.
Eii : Whhhhhhyyyyy are you near at the beach? are you want to preach?
Ell : No I'm just fade up with my life, now I want to be as sharp as knife!
Eii : Niiiiiiiiiicccce, where the others? I mean someone like your brothers?
Ell : I left them behind, yea yeah I know I'm not kind.
Eii : Noooooottttt nice. Life is like an ice. You need to stay together so that melting process is longer.
Ell : But I don't want to be freezed, I want to be freed!
Eii : Itttttttttt's not about you alone Ell, It's all about your brothers and their shell. Wwwwwe all need to do what we have to do not doing what we want to do. Thhhhey need you.
Ell : But it makes me stress. till I'm depress.
Eii : Thhhhhhere is no stress-free life. Dooooo you think it is not stress to be the sharpest knife?
Ell : It is stress but at least I'm happy.
Eii : Eeeeeven though everyone not happy?
Ell : hurmmmmm...
Eii : Iffffff one day, you have a son or daughter. They quit doing what you want later. How do feel?
Ell : sad.. very sad.. maybe ill..
Eii : Thhhhheen do you want to the same now? break their hope that as white as snow?
Ell : No. (tears cover the lower eyelids)
Eii : Ellllllll, you must appreciate what left, not left someone who appreciates you.

Tears fall down, leaves Ell speechless while looking down.

Eii : IIIIIIIII don't want to give an order but I don't you want to regret when you older.
Ell : Thanks Eii..

Ell go back to the deep ocean, so that he can march together with other crustacean. He regrets his bad attitude until he forgets to be gratitude.

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--written by: kOrOrO.

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