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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Khaled Siddiq - "On Deen" Lyrics | his meaningful rap is on fire!

Khaled Siddiq - On Deen Lyrics | Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera semua~! Pernah dengar penyanyi dan rapper Khaled Siddiq? Yang pasti beliau bukan dari Malaysia haha. Khaled Siddiq is one of my favorite nasheed/islamic youtuber artist. Lagu-lagu dan rap beliau sangat fuhhh, amazing! Dan lagu On Deen ni adalah salah satu rap beliau yang paling saya suka. Beliau menceritakan bagaimana beliau boleh berubah from choir boy to practicing Muslim. Lirik nya sangat bermakna & deep!
Khaled Siddiq On Deen Lyrics
Khaled Siddiq On Deen Lyrics

Khaled Siddiq - On Deen (Official Video)

Khaled Siddiq - On Deen Lyrics

Before I start this verse I think it’s best that I say..
I ain’t pious, I ain’t righteous, I aint one of the greats
I ain’t Umar (RA), I ain’t Ali (RA), I ain’t Ahlul Bayt (Family of the Prophet PBUH)
So now we got that straight let me express my faith

Cause all the people wanna know, how you got on deen bro?
What made you leave the scene bro?
What light did you see bro?
We see you’ve got a beard now
So we wanna hear how…
This new improved Muslim has just magically appeared now

Well let me stop you there and let me make this clear
I ain’t doing this for fame ‘cause fam I. do. not. care.
About the people, or the praise, or ‘bout how loud they cheer
Or if they’ll still remember me at all when I’m not here

Cause if it ain’t for Allah, who am I doing it for?
When the angels raise me up and ask me “Who is your lord?”
Tell me what will I say?
About the times I didn’t pray
About them nights I’d roll around like I wouldn’t see the day

When the mountains will fall
And the people will say
“Ya Rabbi (Oh my Lord) send me back to earth for one more day.”
Give us time to repent!
Time to change our ways!

I swear it broke my heart…
The night I heard ‘Twon died   *'Twon is Khaled's bestfriend
Cause it didn’t make no sense, how could they kill my guy?
I swear I broke straight down, why is this life so crazy?
I crumbled on the floor that night I cried like a baby
Then I wiped my tears, I swear the truth was clear
This life is temporary, just a couple of years
But then where do we go?
God, tell me what do we do?
And don’t tell me that I’m crazy cause you’re thinking it too…

So I took my time, I had to study the truth
Cause everyone was telling me that their religion was true
So I looked in deep, it’s like my heart was numb
But a light was coming out saying Allah is the one
And He ain’t no man, a human ain’t my saviour…
I don’t pray to the creation fam I praise the creator…
I’m tryna tell my cousin when I visit the Penn
Imma bring him a Qur’an next time I visit again

Cause it makes me think, how does a heart get clean?
So many man that got to jail, but somehow still find the deen.
And it ain’t by chance, there’s no smoke in the screen
When you put a man in darkness, then the light can be seen

It’s like I think about my brother when I cry and I pray
Cause I’m trying to give him daw’ah trying to show him the way
Show him partying ain’t worth it, I tell him more everyday
But then it gets to a point, when what more can you say?

Fam, I need to guide him proper gotta show him the path
Cause I didn’t have no man to show me how to pray my salah
And I didn’t have no man to show me how to connect with Allah
And I didn’t have no man to show me how to read the Qur’an

I’m just seeking out the truth, so it’s the deen that I chose
But I’m fighting my own demons I can feel them getting close
Devil whispers in my chest, trying to make my heart colder
But sometimes it feels like he’s right there on my shoulder
Telling me to go back to the life that I left
Telling me I’m missing out and that this life in the best (Dunya)
Me and you ain’t finished Khaled cause I’m still in your head…
And I’ll be right there in your ear until the day that you’re dead…

Khaled Siddiq On Deen Lyrics
Khaled Siddiq On Deen Lyrics

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